Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The undiscovered Jewel of the Adriatic

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans situated on the Adriatic Sea, often called “the newest country of the world”. Once a destination for the rich and famous, Montenegro is the hidden jewel of the Adriatic. However with its mild Mediterranean climate, luxurious coastline, beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, magnificent glacial lakes, and pristine forests, it is unlikely that this country will remain a secret for long.

In addition to being famous for its beautiful scenery and natural treasures, Montenegro also has a rich cultural history, which is reflected in its ornate traditions, beautiful architecture and countless marvelously preserved historical sites that serve as portals into ancient times.

Montenegro is a destination of many interests. Bounded by the clean, crystal clear water of the Adriatic and a backdrop of dark mountains, fields, olive groves or heavily scented pine forests – this is the ideal place to rejuvenate or invigorate in equal measure. Its fertile cultural history offers a perfect backdrop to cultural and historical site seeing, and if an action-full vacation peeks your interest then rafting in the Tara Canyon the largest canyon in Europe, will satisfy your craving for adventure.